Tuesday, October 26, 2010

21 Vegetarian Protein Sources

I run in to all kinds of different people in my line of work: old hippies, new hippies, soccer moms, single dads, lonely old dudes, sweet little old ladies, normies, tattooed hardcore kids - you name it, I see it.

Luckily, a lot of people can wrap their head around what a vegetarian is these days. Some even get vegan-ism!  But, there are an ENORMOUS amount of folks out there that just don't understand what it means when you tell them you're a vegetarian: "So, you only eat chicken & turkey?" or "You mean you don't eat MEAT?!?!" and "Where in the hell do you get your protein?"  Well, thanks to this awesome article over at care2.com, here are 21 great sources for vegetarians to get protein from.  Think you need to eat meat at every meal?  Try one of these instead!

Protein Sources and How Much You Are Actually Getting By the Numbers

Beans, Nuts, Seeds
1 cup garbanzo beans = 14.5 grams
1 cup pinto beans = 12 grams
1 cup refried beans = 15.5 grams
1 cup soybeans = 28 grams
1 oz. cashews = 4.4 grams
1 oz. peanuts = 6.5 grams
1 oz. sesame seeds = 6.5 grams
1 oz. pistachios = 5.8 grams
1 cup tofu = 22 grams
1 cup lentils = 18 grams

1 cup yogurt = 13 grams
1 oz cheddar cheese = 7.1 grams
1 egg = 6 grams
1 cup cottage cheese = 10 grams

Fruits and Vegetables
1 avocado = 10 grams
1 cup broccoli = 5 grams
1 cup spinach = 5 grams
1 cup peas = 9 grams
1 medium artichoke = 4 grams
1 cup asparagus = 5 grams
1 cup beet greens = 3 grams

Do you know how much protein you need a day?  Here is a super simple equation from Pamela Reilly, Naturopath, to figure out what you need!

Body Weight X .35 (or .40 if healing or workout heavily)
  = grams of protein need per day.

Are you getting enough protein?  What's your favorite protein source that didn't make the list?  Mine has to be quinoa - packing 9 grams of protein per cup. 

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