Hi! I'm a 20-something girl with a passion for food & knitting. This site is dedicated to helping me raise money for school through my passion for knitting.

When I first left high school, I went straight into a local college. After 3 or so semesters, I decided to quit because I just didn't know what I wanted to do and I was tired of wasting money. I've been trying to find an excuse to go back to school, a reason to go back to school. Unfortunately, for about 10 years, nothing struck up passion in my heart.

...Until a couple of weeks ago. It was like a huge bolt of lightning struck me out of the blue - I suddenly just knew. I wanted, I needed, to go to culinary school. And not just any culinary school (I had spoken with culinary schools before). I wanted a culinary school that taught what I believed in.

I've been working in locally owned health food stores for 6+ years. Before that, I worked in a pharmacy & part-time for a doctors office. Very different places, that's for sure. Over the past 6 years, I've made changes in my diet, and had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of people that have made similar lifestyle changes - from supplements to food to both! To me, it's amazing to see the difference between people on medications & following the traditional western medicine path, and those who are not. Those who are eating right for health, or taking vitamins & minerals instead of medications. I run into little old ladies of 85 that still dance, middle aged men that lose weight from changing their diet and using wheat grass, and young women who have cleared up acne without harsh chemical laden creams.

I'm a firm believer that eating right can lead to amazing changes, and no two people are the same. Each person needs to find out exactly what works for them. And if they find out what works, their life can change immensely. They don't need a handful of pills to get up in the morning and go to bed at night, they can find the same relief from food! This belief led me to two distinct and amazing schools: The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts and Natural Gourmet Institute. They are both amazing in their own right, and I would be honored to attend either one.

Unfortunately, I need to raise a lot of money. I've scoured the internet for scholarships with no success - so many are for high school seniors, especially those for vegan/vegetarian folks. Financial Aid isn't available as these schools are more trade/vocational schools and not regular old colleges.

So, I'm turning to my love of knitting. I offer my knitting skills to make a personalized item for you or yours. Each piece will be knitted for you, per your request for color, shape, size, style. Items will not be knit until all of your details come in. Each item will have a base price, but what you end up deciding to pay is your decision. All profit made will go directly to a savings account for school - whether it be tuition or housing (both schools are out of state!) or supplies.

So, this is my cause, this is my goal. Stay tuned for detailed information about what you can order.