Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pomegrante Surprise

I received an email from a friend I hadn't seen in quite a while about a week ago.  She wanted to know when we could meet & we quickly decided on Wednesday morning.  A park near my apartment was the decided location, and I was told "dress to be outside and be able to use your fingers."  Boy, was I intrigued.

I noticed when she go out of her car that she was carrying a fairly large bag. We found a picnic table to sit at under the shade of a tree (luckily, it was not too cold yet). She started to take a towel out of the bag and said "I'm going to teach you something."  I was totally confused.

Remember the pomegranate post a couple of weeks back?  Well, this amazing lady had read it.  She told me she was sad to know that someone who loves pomegrantes so much & knows the health benefits of them didn't know how to shuck them.  And that was why she brought me there.

Best morning ever! I'm already working on making mini-pom-pies.

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