Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I've been busy...

Sorry for the lack of updates. Holiday season is never a good time to expect crafters to be very good at posting updates regularly.

I've been busy with craft fairs & making stuff (most of this can be read about over at my crafting site).

I've been keeping my eye out for cheap plane tickets to Austin so that I can visit my dream school - I'm hoping to make it out sometime in January or February.  I've been getting (& filling) a ton of orders from friends, and am planning on sending out some letters asking for donations/help to a few key people.  If you have any tips on finding free money for school (financial aid won't work) please let me know! 

This past Sunday, Indy Vegans had an AH-mazing vegan Thanksgiving pitch-in! The food was delicious, people were kind, and fun was had. I commend Matt & Gnat for all the amazing work they're doing to bring veganism to the forefront of Indianapolis folks! So often I hear how people think they are the only vegan around, or there is just a small group. Well, with 60 people showing up for a pitch-in, I don't think that constitutes a small group!

It's 2 days before Thanksgiving, so if you'd like to order a knit item for a holiday gift, get your orders in now! Browse the site for designs & colors, and order via the paypal drop down menu, or simple drop me a line.

If you'd rather check out items already done, stop by Homespun:Modern Handmade, Indy Swank, Nom Nom Nom on December 3rd at the Murphy Art Center (studio #216) or check out the Handmade Promenade Last Minute Market on December 18th at Pure Eatery.  Every shop/show will have a different selection of items, and plenty of other neat stuff that make wonderful holiday gifts (hint hint)!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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